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'The Living Room Metamorphosis'

The Living Room Metamorphosis

The story of this project began when the client said they never used the living room and wanted to bring a change to this situation. Due to the location of the existing fireplace in the corner of the room, the furniture was placed in such a way that half of the room was not being used, which this gave the space an empty feeling.

The solution was found by moving the fireplace to the center of the room bringing the focus to the width of the space. Additionally, a custom made bookshelf was made to create balance. Removing the fireplace freed up space at the wall allowing a beautiful antique cupboard to be centered against the wall.

New full length thick linen curtains now accentuate the ceiling height and make the space cozy. The dining room, directly adjacent, was also renovated. A new fireplace was added and the cupboard was enlarged.

Before After
existing firplace in the corner new fireplace with cistom made bookcase

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