pebbles - a color scheme or choice of material


Project Process

Every project is unique and has different challenges to be worked out. Whether large or small the process to a successful project completion is similar. The details of each phase will differ but the approach should be the same. To reach the final design solution the designer as well as the client will go through a process where ideas grow, change, take form and mature, and from being like puzzle pieces, come together to make a magnificent whole. Decisions are of the essence and need to be made before continuing onto the next phase.


While developing the program of requirements the project is broad, allowing many ideas to be formed.

Design Development

As choices are made it becomes possible to further specify the design.


With approved contract documents the contractor can be installed and furnishing orders placed.


During the programming/schematic design phase the wishes, expectations, the style and desired atmosphere are further defined. Measurements and photographs of the spaces as well as an inventory of the existing furniture and other elements to be re-used are done.

Analysis and research follows to identify possibilities which are then presented. Once a direction has been approved the next step is to move on to the more specific development of the design.

Mood board with proposed schemes.
Digital mood board with floor plans, color scheme and proposed furnishings and materials.

Design Development

Following an approved schematic design,details can be further developed translating the wishes into definitive drawings and specifications.

The contract and furnishings documents will include floor plans with dimensions, ceiling plans, lighting plans, elevations, finishes and specifications including any other information necessary to clarify the proposed project.

A number of visits to showrooms can be expected during the design development phase to further narrow down the choices of materials and furnishings. Experience has shown that the more specific the contract documents the better the end result will be.

Monica having a progress meeting with a client.
Monica explaining the design proposal to her client.


Builders are invited to make a bid based on the approved drawings and specifications and drawings can be submitted for permit if necessary.

IDI can assist in the choice of the contractors and will help you throughout the construction/realization as deemed required.

Procurement of fabrics, furnishings, window treatment, lighting and accessories are placed and managed by IDI, which will dot the i's and cross the t's.

Erker tijdens de bouw.
The Bay window project during construction. Ceilings, stucco and flooring removed.


I-Design-Interiors has a large network of preferred professionals and suppliers in the interiors field. Together our goal is to deliver the best solution for the best price/quality.

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